Understanding Pain & CBD Pain Relief

Understanding Pain & CBD Pain Relief, Using CBD for Pain Relief

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Before we begin, a few posts we have produced may also be useful to you, such as a post about the scientific research behind CBD in relation to Pain Relief, and The importance of CBD along side Physiotherapy.


It’s important to be able to manage pain in multiple ways than relying on Pain medications or CBD to do the job for you. By combining multiple strategies to manage your pain will offer results to allow you to run a normal pain-free life.

To do this you need to understand how pain works, The truth is, nobody knows how pain works, it’s very complicated, understanding the basics is just as good and the results are unbelievable.

We will talk about the top most common reasons that increase pain levels and how to reduce them to keep your pain down to a minimum.

The top reasons for increased or raised pain are:

  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Medications

These will not cause pain but will slow down the healing process and intensify the feeling of pain.

You may be thinking to your self, what does stress and the rest have to do with pain?, shorly they can’t contribute.

If you are thinking this then you are sadly mistaken, please do not dismiss this, we will explain it all and it will all make sense, we urge you to read this entire page.

It goes without saying that pain is a highly unpleasant sensation that we do not like, and we will do just about anything to rid ourselves of pain out of desperation. Although two people may have the same condition or cause of pain they may both feel it differently due to a number of basic factors bullet pointed above.

We have seen a huge amount of people come to us to buy our CBD products to relief pain, and although CBD does work for such issues, its important to understand that CBD could be making your condition degrade further.

Why? We feel pain to protect us from damage and to remove our selfs from dangerous situations, Pain is a self defence and protection mechanism. As CBD works so well at pain relief when taken properly (and enough of it) you will naturally ignore the need to correct your posture or limit the pressure on the area that is causing you pain, therefore increasing the damage long term.

So, how do we protect our selfs from further damage while taking CBD? By simply being self aware and having the knowledge within this post.

Lets understand pain and how it’s processed: We feel pain when a signal is sent through nerve fibers to the brain for interpretation. In fact we don’t actually feel pain at the source of damage, we just think we are, our brain is very sophisticated and so is our body.

If you scrape your leg, your nerve fibres sends a signal to the brain, one part of the brain determines which part of the body the signal came from, another part of the brain is responsible for figuring out the threat level and damage and then your conscience part of the brain is responsible for the visual aspect and your response to it then links all the data together to conclude a reaction.

Pain is then signalled within the brain, and remains there, not at the source of damage. Sometimes the brain can get this wrong and we can feel pain down a leg when we have a nerve trapped in the lower spine. The greatest trick is distraction, distraction is the best pain relief. Some pains are simply that bad it can’t be distracted.

Stresscan make pain feel more intense, When stressed your body releases chemicals and your muscles contract, if you have any kind of pain stress is bound to make it far more intense, you must limit your stress levels right down to enable full pain management and relief. CBD helps in several ways, CBD relaxes the brain and muscles relieving that tension and in time reducing those chemicals.

Tirednessplays a key role, when we are overworked or just simply tired we tend to take shortcuts in the way we sit, eat, breath and relax, all this will build up tension in our muscles and most often brings us to a volatile state, making us short tempered and moody. This does not help pain, as it releases chemicals and tenses us up.  Get a good routine in place is key, maybe a little ylang ylang or Lavender essential oil in a diffuser or cream before bed.

Unbalanced Dietsalso play a role in our response to pain, without the correct spectrum of nutrients in the correct amounts we suffer badly, and our bodies just can’t heal a cause of pain while struggling to tick its self over. Plus so many foods have natural pain relief properties, such as flack or hemp seeds, curry powders such as turmeric and even garlic, are all anti-inflamitorys and pain relievers.

Mental and physical wellbeing helps in so many ways, simply getting a small dose of exercise and getting that blood pumping will have a huge difference to your pain levels, blood circulation is vital to recovery. You don’t need to be out of breath, just a walk for ten minutes a day or a light jog will do the trick. This will also improve your mental wellbeing, depression, anxiety and other negative mental conditions or thought processes can make you feel down and negative, and in turn magnify your pain ten fold, CBD is great for this as it relaxes the brain and calms the body responses to it, it may be good to try massage, or even meditation, don’t be so quick to shoot those recommendations down, they actually do offer real help for pain when used correctly.

Medicationare another aspect, medications don’t actually work, at best they may offer some form of deception, or temporary relief, medications are no fix for pain and some meds simply will not work for some pains, such as codeine will not work for nerve based pain, and ibuprofen will not work for a cut or wound. You should only use medication to aid the symptoms of pain while you work to fix the source of pain correctly.

Pain is ultimately in the head, using psychological strategies, physical strategies and maintaining a healthy diet is key.

Using CBD is brilliant to use and combining it with our advice above will give you results that no doctor can, why? because you did it the way nature intended it, the proper way. (seek medical advice before taking CBD and don’t just stop taking your medications without speaking with your doctor first)


In a nut shell: Chemical based medications will never fix you, simply sort your life style out, Get enough sleep, eat properly, avoid stressful situations, exercise a little and relax. Lets not forget to mention that all this is FREE.

Were not saying that you must lose weight and the rest of the medical boards blah, most thin people are the most unhealthiest over heavier people. Just get the blood running through the veins, pump the oxygen into your lungs and eat a few more fruit and vegetables a day.

Use CBD to aid you into relaxation, to de-stress, to calm the body and mind and to provide pain relief, that’s half your battle. Work on your diet and sleep routine, with a little exercise and your on the road to recovery, it is actually that easy to be pain free.

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