E-Liquid Testing

Since May 2016 it has become a legal requirement to have eliquid testing done.

Our Analytical Laboratory specialises in eLiquid and emissions analysis of nicotine and flavour compounds, as well as other eLiquid or vapour components. Customers receive full analytical reports and have access to our team of scientists for technical support.

E-Liquid analysis is fundamental in assuring eLiquid quality and safety. MDRlab offers a range of analytical solutions to meet your business requirements, from standard batch testing to TPD and PMTA-driven analysis.

Standard batch testing encompasses nicotine concentration confirmation and quantification of diacetyl and acetylpropionyl content. Our expert team of analytical chemists work alongside our consultant toxicologists to identify eLiquid compounds of potential toxicological concern, and to develop and validate robust analytical methods for the detection of these analytes in both the liquid and vapour form. We can also provide other useful batch quality data, such as product density, specific gravity, refractive index, and UV-Vis fingerprint spectra.

  • TPD Compliance Reports
  • Emissions Reports
  • Safety Report
  • TPD registration services
  • Battery Safety compliance report
  • Laboratory Reports
Testing Methods

We may use several different methods to test your products, if we don’t have the equipment available to us we may outsource the service to a partner laboratory of ours.

Please feel free to contact us to speak with us regarding your method of testing.