Good CBD – CBD Treatments That Are Effective

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Legal Statement: This is a guide for informational purposes, not medical advice, please consult a GP before taking CBD and do not stop taking your current medications.

Choosing the correct type of Good CBD treatment can make the difference in which CBD Treatments works best for you, as different people respond differently to CBD and the way it is taken.

We will go through all the methods of CBD Treatment that are effective and how to decide which one is best for you.

We will walk you through how effective each CBD Treatment is, how long it takes to work, and guides to how much to take. This will help you get the correct CBD Treatment for you and it will save you a fortune in the process.

We have also gone through the trouble of categorising each ailment and linking the CBD treatment in order of effectiveness in a tables so that you can have a quick goto guide.

If you already vape you can use the CBD Eliquids, as they would be more convenient. If you do not vape or you’re looking for the healthier options than vaping the best products are the CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and CBD Nasal Spray.

It it worth noting that vaping anything, whether it be CBD, Nicotine or anything else will always carry the obvious health risks to the lungs, it is recommended not to vape CBD if you don’t already vape.

It’s important to remember that CBD will be effective once built up in the bodies system, usually after a week or two of use every day. This is why we recommend starting on high strength items first, with the higher strength items you can build CBD up in your body in 2 days or less, sometimes on the first treatment. You can lower your dose after a few days to save money.


Quick goto guide of CBD:

CBD Nasal Spray – Very effective for everything with an instant effect within seconds of taking, you may need the 120mg bottles to start.

CBD Vape – Very effective for everything with an almost instant effect of 30 seconds after taking, start with at least 200mg bottle strength, do not turn to vaping if you don’t already vape, as it has its obvious health concerns.

CBD Oil and CBD Capsules – Very effective for everything with an effect that starts between 2 minutes to 30 minutes after using. Start with the high strength items first. Takes longer to kick in than Vape and Nasal Spray, but results last twice as long.

CBD Cream – Great for skin related issues, helps to heal and sooth eczema fast and is brilliant for anti-aging. Long lasting effect for chronic pain associated with surface inflammation, eczema or arthritis not that great for nerve related pain, cream cant penetrate enough through the flesh. Any strength tub will do, go for the higher strength tub (400mg) for pain associated conditions.

CBD Sweets – Low dose CBD – Normally used for mild conditions and mental conditions. Can be used for all conditions once you have used CBD in other forms for more than 4 weeks. Trying to sooth really bad chronic pain by using CBD Sweets wont be as effective unless you have CBD built up in the system, for such conditions your best with stronger CBD Products such as the items listed above.


CBD Treatments That Are Effective For Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain is a pain of any magnitude that has been present for more than 2 weeks, typically down to medical conditions such as trapped or pinched nerves, arthritis, cancers, swelling or inflammation, the list is endless, if the pain no matter how mild or strong has been present for 2 weeks or more it is medically classified as chronic pain.

The CBD treatments that are effective for chronic pain are pretty vast and its very easy to relieve your self from pain with CBD.

  1. CBD Nasal Spray (120mg+ up to a maximum of 6 sprays a day)
  2. CBD Vape (100mg+ vape up to 2ml a day)
  3. CBD Oil (200mg+ one full pipette 3 times a day)
  4. CBD Capsules (20mg or 60mg 3 times a day)


CBD Treatments That Are Effective For Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Sleep Disorders & Mental Conditions:

  1. CBD Nasal Spray (60mg+ use one to two sprays a day )
  2. CBD Oil (200mg+ use one to two full pipettes a day)
  3. CBD Capsules (20mg+ use one to two capsules a day)
  4. CBD Sweets (10mg+ eat two to four sweets a day)

For sleep disorders or sleep related issues, it is best to take the full days dose 30 minutes or less before going to bed. For Example if the dose guide is one to two capsules, we suggest you take 2 capsules before bed in one go.


CBD Treatments That Are Effective For Muscle Cramps, Tourette Syndrome, Epilepsy, Mild Pain, Headache, Overactive Brain or Imagination and more:

  1. CBD Nasal Spray (60mg+ use one sprays a day )
  2. CBD Oil (200mg+ use one full pipettes a day)
  3. CBD Capsules (20mg+ use one capsules a day)
  4. CBD Sweets (10mg+ eat two sweets a day)

Some conditions and people may need more than stated depending on severity of condition.


CBD Treatments That Are Effective For Skin Conditions, Eczema, Itchy Skin, Dry Skin, Arthritis, Bruises, Sprained Muscle, Wrinkles, surface pain and more:

  1. CBD Oil (200mg+ use one full pipettes a day on the affected skin) (for Arthritis use both on skin and orally)
  2. CBD Cream (200mg+ use one – two times for anti-aging, Use as often as needed for all other conditions)


Good CBD – CBD Treatments That Are Effective

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