Cant Sleep? How CBD Can help with sleep

Cant Sleep? How CBD Can help with sleep:

A solid good night sleep is needed for our body to work correctly and without it we would not be able to entertain basic functions with complete efficiency.

You will be reading this article because you can’t sleep, and you’re looking for a way to help.

Not being able to sleep does not always mean that you get zero minutes sleep, but disturbed sleep or light sleeping is just as bad, you must enter deep sleep for your body to maintain its self.

There are so many reasons why a person can’t sleep, from anxiety, depression, pain, paranoia, adrenaline, the list is endless, I could literally fill this entire page out with medical condition words that can stop a person from getting a good night sleep.

In a nut shell there are two category’s of conditions that prevent people from sleeping:

  1. Mental Conditions – Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Adrenaline (the list goes on and on)
  2. Physical Conditions – Pain, Breathing issues, Temperature, Comfort (the list goes on and on)

When you have reached that exhausted point were you just cant sleep and you have tried doctors without success and you think there is no help, think again, CBD can really help with sleep problems.

CBD can help with both mental and physical conditions.

Physical conditions such as pain and comfort can easily be treated with CBD and Mental Conditions such as anxiety, depression and many others are as easy as a walk in the park for CBD.

We recommend the CBD Capsules for sleep issues. Start with our 60mg capsule then switch to the 20mg capsules once your body has plenty of CBD built up, It will be costly at first however after your first to third day the cost will be minimal, after a month you should not need CBD anymore.

Step by Step guide to get a full night sleep:

Step 1: Make sure your environment is in order, such as have your bedroom temperature around 16-17 Celsius in temperature, this is a great temperature to sleep at, if its to hot or cold you will struggle to sleep and you will wake in the night, 17 degrees Celsius may feel cold to the naked skin but lets not forget, your sleeping in a huge thick duvet that is most likely 13 tog rating.

We understand in summer this may be pretty much impossible, however simply use a large bed throw instead of your duvet or buy a thinner summer time duvet, more importantly in summer, make sure you keep humidity down to 60 or bellow, this will make it feel cooler.

Check your rooms humidity, if it is above 60 you may wish to reduce the humidity, you can use de-humidifiers or use water absorbers that don’t need plugging in, either will work and is better than high humidity. High humidity will make you clammy and sticky, cause irritation and disturb sleep.

Step 2: Make a few basic and simple life style changes, make sure you eat breakfast every morning within 30 minutes of waking up, this helps to prevent you running of adrenaline. Limit your caffeine intake and don’t substitute food with coffee. If you suffer stress in a day due to kids, work etc, take a nice warm bath before bed, try adding lavender essential oils or ylang ylang to the bath.

Step 3: If possible get your self a essential oil defuser, a small one will do, you can get them from amazon for a few pounds, add some water with lavender or ylang ylang and have it defuse in the night while you sleep, turn it on 30 minutes before going to bed helps. Do not get the candle lit ones, this will be very dangerous.

Step 4: With your CBD Capsules : Start by taking 120mg (2x 60mg capsules) before going to bed.

Step 5: On the second night try 60mg (1 x 60mg capsule or 3x 20mg capsules) before going to bed, if you struggle to sleep on 60mg simply take another 60mg and continue on 120mg a night until night three and try 60mg again, repeat this step every three nights until you get a successful night sleep from 60mg, should not take any longer than 3 nights.

Step 6: Once you have had 2 nights sleep in a row with only taking 60mg of CBD try switching down to 20mg a night.

CBD Will help you sleep as it relaxes the body and the mind, it can help ease pain and inflammation, muscle spasms and aches, and it can slow down the brains thought processing quieting the mind to a more relaxed state. CBD has very good calming effects.

You will not need to take CBD for the rest of your life to get sleep, after a month or two you would have effectively retrained your body and you should be able to sleep normally without needing anymore CBD.

Cant Sleep? With CBD You can sleep.

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