About Us

About Us


We are mainly a research Laboratory that researches the availability of new medicines in natural items such as plant matter. We are supported by many companies that invest products and finance to support our research. As an aid to help finance our research we offer some services to registered business, we are not open to the general public.

We research the effectiveness of new drugs and medications mainly from natural plants. We offer services such as potency reports and product testing for compliance certifications. We also have the availability to test chemicals and perform chemical analysis along with self life testing for bacterial and fungi growth.


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Our primary goal is to research, develop and produce new medications designed for to treat medical related ailments and conditions with 100% effectiveness.

We mainly research natural sourced medications associated with herbs plants, flowers and mother earth. We believe that there are many medical benefits associated with simple plants such as Lavender and tree saps.

We have recently been experimenting with CBD which is derived from hemp and cannabis.